Vinyl Theatre Soon to Launch New Album “Origami”

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It’s official! New music from Vinyl Theatre will be released in just a few short months. Vinyl Theatre is launching their new album, Origami, Friday, May 12th and will be touring the U.S. with Dashboard Confessional to introduce the album (dates to be released soon).

Vinyl Theatre’s 2014 album, Electrogram, was a success with their hit single, “Breaking Up My Bones,” topping Billboard’s “Next Big Sound” chart and reaching #2 on SiriusXM’s “alt 18.” The track was also featured in Konami’s “Pro Evolution Soccer 2016” and EA Sports “NHL 16.”

After spending the last two years touring with some impressive names in alternative music, Vinyl Theatre began planning on how they were going to tell a story through their music on Origami. Vinyl Theatre’s guitarist and vocalist, Keegan Calmes, stated, “It’s a positive album with hopeful undertones, but it also touches on these harder parts of life.”

The band teamed up with producers Albert Di Fiore and Alex Aldi at Dreamland to create the album. There are nine songs total on the album, each of which hold thought provoking messages in the lyrics. From “30 Seconds,” reminding us life may be short, but it’s amazing we get time here at all and to make the best of it to “New Machines,” exploring deep into the notion of endless knowledge and the importance of new ideas. Origami is intended to leave their fans with an overall sense of imagination and open-mindedness.

Origami is available for pre-order today. Check out the album preview HERE!