Tyson Ritter Tweets & Reggaeton Beats

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First things first, I’m not apologizing for the cheesy title of this article. Secondly THE ALL AMERICAN REJECTS ARE COMING BACK. You may be asking yourself why I felt the need to put that in all caps and the answer is I’m in a fragile state of nostalgia and anything that reminds me of my youth gets me over excited pretty easily.

Moving on, the All American Rejects haven’t been around in a while. With their last album being released in 2012 fans have been chomping at the bits for something new. Well thanks to Tyson Ritter’s Personal Twitter activity lately we think we might have some clues.

Look…he has no shame about the possible Regaeton vibes, they apparently shot a music video and they are announcing some very sweet news in October.

Looks like we’ll be seeing something from them sooner rather than later. Trick or Treat my fiendish music friends.