Tucker Beathard Premieres Music Video For “Momma and Jesus” Via Noisey

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Tucker Beathard premiered his new music video for his second single “Momma And Jesus” exclusively on Noisey today. Defiantly distinguishing himself from the pack, the jaw-dropping video directed by Wes Edwards, takes fearless cues from the rebellious nature of his “bad boy anthem” (Taste Of Country), with Beathard joined by his bandmates and longtime buddies as they wreak havoc across Nashville. While Beathard orchestrated and unflinchingly participated in various mischief ranging from paintball in women’s lingerie to riding naked on a pedal tavern down Broadway and launching himself over a ramp on a motorbike, the hired stunt man couldn’t even stand the risks and walked off the set mid-shoot.

“As one of five siblings, if you asked my Mom who she most worried about getting into trouble, I’m going to guess it was probably me,” said Beathard. “I grew up as huge fan of shows like ‘Jackass’ and ‘Ridiculousness’ where they did crazy stunts like this and so the video shoot was an excuse to have fun and do stupid stuff. When the stunt coordinator quit and walked off the set that afternoon, I remember the head of my label Scott Borchetta called and said, ‘I’m fine with you doing this, but please just don’t kill yourself.’ It was pretty funny…they probably knew that I was going to do it anyway, but he was cool and just let me do my thing. It was awesome to just mess around with my best friends and make a unique music video. I can be reserved and introverted at times, but anyone who really knows me will not be shocked by it.”

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