Troye Sivan is music’s next big thing!

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Well at least that’s how I feel about him. If you’ve never heard this name before either you’re not a fan of X-Men or you don’t traverse the world of YouTube much. Well let me introduce y’all to Troye Sivan. He is basically Internet royalty, with more than 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube he has definitely become a big deal. Troye who is an Australian native was born in 1995. He was originally an actor recently playing James Howlett in the X-men Origins movie. Now in 2014 while still acting, he has become a YouTube personality and has extremely developed his music career.

On August 15th Troye released his new EP through Universal Records called TRXYE, which includes he surefire hit single “Happy Little Pill”. I for one cannot wait for this song to absolutely blow up. “Happy Little Pill” has this insanely chill vibe to it sort of like something you would hear from Lorde. However when you add Troye’s relaxed vocals and soothing lyrics it’s hard not to listen to this song on repeat.

So here I am begging you to take a listen to Troye’s new song “Happy Little Pill” not only to support an awesome artist but to give yourself a musical experience you’ve likely yet to have this summer.

Check out Troye’s YouTube Channel here