Tori Kelly’s Mind Blowing VMA Performance

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There is no denying that the media has been all the buzz regarding the VMA’s since it aired this past Sunday. From Miley and Nicki’s half-believable confrontation, to Kanye’s 2020 presidential announcement, the entertainment world has been going non-stop.

There was one performance, though, that has been discussed very little and that left me speechless on Sunday night. Who am I talking about? Tori Kelly.

I mean, first off, that OUTFIT. She’s literally slaying in that jumpsuit, accompanied by her crazy curly blond locks, of course.

Singing her hit single, “Should’ve Been Us,” Kelly started and ended the performance with her powerful vocals. I personally loved the rock and edgy vibe added to the live performance, rather than the pop based ballad we are used to hearing on the radio. Her stage presence was on point and she commanded the audience like an absolute pro.

Do I even need to touch upon the a cappella ending she did at the conclusion of her performance? Literally breath taking.

While many performances this year were busy and complex, Tori proved that a simple performance can sometimes be the most effective and leave a lasting impact.

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For being an up and coming artist, Tori dominated her performance like she’s a veteran. With her powerful vocals and high energy, Tori Kelly is setting a name for herself that you soon won’t forget.