Tori Kelly Releases New Single “Hollow”

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Tori Kelly has just blessed our ears with yet another amazing display of pure talent. This girl does not get nearly enough credit for her insane skills. Tori’s latest single “Hollow” was just released on iTunes and is available to stream on Spotify as well.

Let me tell you about this song. First off, this song is one that can easily resonate with so many people. Tori seems to have a way of doing that. The heartfelt lyrics including the chorus:

“So hold me/Wrap me in love/Fill up my cup/Empty and only your love could fill up my cup/Cause I’m hollow”

are enough to have you hooked until the very last note but there’s just something about Tori Kelly and a powerful ballad that can put anyone through some sort of emotional experience.

The song starts off slow with simply Tori and a piano. As it approaches the chorus, it picks up a powerful foot-stomping beat combined with drums and an insane display of raw, natural talent. Tori has proved time and again that she is one of the most underrated vocalists in the music world right now. This single just serves as a further example of her incredible vocal strength and ability to put every emotion imaginable into one song.

“Hollow” is the first single off of Tori’s re-release of her debut album, Unbreakable Smile. The album is set to be released some time next month. Check out the single below and don’t forget to buy it on iTunes to support this amazing artist!

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