Top 5 Reasons Why Kelsea Ballerini Is Top Dog In Your Dream Squad

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If you don’t know who Kelsea Ballerini is then I highly suggest that you go listen to her debut album “The First Time,”on repeat for the rest of your life. This especially comes in to play now just months before the CMA Awards. She has just been nominated for not one but two awards. The blonde songstress is not shy to express that she went from being just a fan in the audience last year to this!

Here are some top reasons why Kelsea should be top dog in your dream squad, you know like the one Taylor Swift has and we all try to emulate.

(In no particular order)

1. K Dawg (can we call her this) has been nominated for New Artist of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year, allowing for lots of preparation for the 49th annual CMA’s. This includes everyones favorite: Glam Time.

2. Kelsea’s style is always on fleek, yes I just said fleek. No matter if she is rocking sneakers or heels the girl can do no wrong … and we all know that when one part of the squad is on point the rest will be too.

3. She is super sweet/funny/talented, which is what you need in a squad. That’s who will be there to cheer you up when you spill your pumpkin spice latte all over your new sweater.

4. She loves animals! Her new puppy dibs the dog is even named after her new single. I mean could it get anymore precious?

5. Her social media is always on point, so you never have to worry about uploading a bad picture if she’s in it or a tweet not being laugh worthy!

The reasons we love Kelsea are endless, literally we could go on for forever, which is why we are rooting for her this November in Nashville at the CMA’s. If you can’t wait to see if she accepts the invitation to be in your squad or wins one of country musics most notable awards than all we can recommend is too go watch her music videos for “Love Me Like You Mean It” because #goals.

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