Top 18 Ladies of Country 2018 Releases

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2018 was a great year for music, especially in country music. Even though radio hasn’t quite caught up to airing more female-fronted music, there has sure been a CRAZY amount of great music released in the last 365 days by the ladies of country. Here are our personal favorite releases from 2018 (in no particular order).

  • Kalie Shorr- “Damn Sky”

When to listen: Anytime you need a Kalie fix, because that will happen after listening to her music.

Kalie Shorr has made so many strides to cement her place in country music history this year, and we couldn’t be more excited for her!

  • Lacy Cavalier- “Every Time It Rains”

When to listen: Driving with the windows down in your car

This song is the epitome of soul in country and is 100% going to get stuck in your head. Lacy is hitting the road with Morgan Wallen in early 2019, grab your tickets- you will NOT be disappointed!

  • Savannah Keyes- “Hypocrite”

When to listen: Right before Real Country show starts

Savannah Keyes is here to blow you away with her powerful vocals, southern charm, relatable lyrics, and magnificent stage presence.

  • Alex Stern- “Fingers Crossed”

When to listen: After waking up

FINALLY people are getting on the bandwagon, if you haven’t listened to her older music go do so and fall in love with Alex Stern!

  • Bailey Bryan- “Songbird”

When to listen: Anytime you need a good voice to get stuck in your head

Bailey Bryan is not only a talented country writer and artist but a genuine person that shows in her musicianship. We need more new music from Bailey, NOW!

  • Abby Anderson- “I’m Good”

When to listen: To get into a happy mood

Abby is one of the brightest newcomers with every song from her debut EP being a certified jam.


  • Runaway June- “Buy My Own Drinks”

When to listen: When you need girl empowerment

Any time I walk into a bar now I play this song in my head. Runaway June puts on one helluva live show!


  • The Church Sisters- “The Little I’ve Got”

When to listen: When you feel all the feels

The Church Sisters are still relatively under the radar, so hop on the bandwagon now so you can say you knew them when!


  • Lauren Duski- “Heart Hurt Good”

When to listen: You want a ballad but you also want to rock out

Lauren’s first two singles are nothing short of lyrical mastery. Her EP Midwestern Girl is debuting in the new year!


  • Clare Dunn- “More”

When to listen: When you want an acoustic song with lyrical excellence

Clare Dunn has owned 2018 with her releases of smash after smash.

  • Emily Hackett- “Good Intentions”

When to listen: A sunny day when you’re feeling upbeat

Emily’s EP “By The Sun” showcases her vocal prowess and brings a new flavor to country music.


  • Abi- “Little Landmines”

When to listen: That moment where you want to sing into your hairbrush with runs and all

Abi’s new music shows a more sophisticated side that makes you feel like you’re living in the lyrics of her story.


  • Liddy Clark- “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

When to listen: To get into the Christmas spirit

Usually, I dislike Christmas covers, BUT Liddy Clark is the exception to this rule. Liddy has both amazing original music and can cover a classic while putting her own twist on it to make something fresh.


  • Jenny Tolman- “Rock & Roll To My Country Soul”

When to listen: When you want to rock and roll while staying country

Jenny Tolman is bridging genre gaps in country with hints of different influences in her music.

  • Catherine McGrath- “Lost In The Middle”

When to listen: You can’t sleep

Catherine McGrath released her album The Acoustics, and I was even more blown away by the stripped songs that focused in on her voice and lyrics.

  • Renee Blair- “Me Tonight”

When to listen: Getting ready for a night out

Renee is a new face in music but has such a way with words and her stunning voice it’s impossible to skip over her music.


  • Nora Collins- “Plain Jane”

When to listen: When you need a hint of twang in your life.

Nora’s album Strings is absolutely breathtaking. She brings a unique sound and view to country music.

  • Rachel Reinert- “Dark Star”

When to listen: You are in the mood for a mid-tempo song to sway along to

I wasn’t expecting this direction for her sophomore single, I was pleasantly surprised at how many styles Rachel can create. Now having her own solo career, we have no idea what to expect next, whatever she does it’s sure to be magnificent!


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