Top 10 Moments at The 1989 World Tour

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The 1989 World Tour is an experience you’re not likely to forget. I had to break it down to my top ten favorite moments.


1. When Taylor’s dancers decide to hang from a pole very high up with no net.

2. The videos in between costume changes where Taylor’s friends talk about her and her cats.

3. Shake It Off and the flying, spinning, catwalk!

4. Taylor performing Enchanted/Wildest Dreams. It’s so magical.

5. I Knew You Were Trouble rock version! AHHHHHH!

6. That’s how you get the girl with light up outfits, it’s too adorable and original.

7. When The Band Perry surprised Indianapolis and we all screamed till we lost our voices.

8. When Taylor sings Fifteen acoustically up high on the stage.

9. Taylor giving her infamous “Clean” speech that gives you chills.

10. When Taylor genuinely takes a few minutes to just stare in awe of the audience.


Don’t ever change Tay!

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