Too Close To Touch Teams Up With Absolute Punk to debut “Hell To Pay”

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This band might be the definition of “started from the bottom now we here” Working like crazy to break into the scene Too Close To Touch was recently signed to Epitaph Records. After releasing an EP in October of 2014. The band is about to drop their debut album Nerve Endings March 24th. With quite the following on social media we can totally see this band rising to the occasion and producing one hell of a CD.

Like any good musicians knows, you have to give the fans a little something until it’s time for the full album release. So teamed up with Too Close To Touch to premiere their newest song “Hell To Pay”

I’m not huge on the punk scene, but I will say this is an absolute banger. With the guest vocals of Telle Smith from The World Alive. Too Close to Touch has a sure fire hit on their hands.


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