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Timeflies drops 2nd Album After Hours

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You’ve probably heard a Timeflies song at a party, during a commercial or seen them do amazing song covers on YouTube every Tuesday in a feature called Timeflies Tuesdays. So it’s appropriate that electro hip pop dub-something duo released their 2nd full-length album on April 29th, the final Tuesday of the month. If you’re not on the bandwagon for this group yet be prepared. Between the feel good beats, sick vocals and their swoon worthy looks Timeflies is about to capture your heart and takeover your stereo system. The bands two members Rob “Rez” Resnick (Producer) and Cal Shapiro (Vocals) make a unbelievable team. Coming on the scene around 2010 they were the soundtrack to wild nights out and pre-games across the nation. Thanks to the blogosphere their popularity has gained and they regularly play sold out shows that are nothing short of the best party you’ve ever been to.

The After Hours album features hit songs like “All The Way”, “Swoon” and “I Choose U”. With a whopping total of 14 songs, this album is the best way to get your summer started. The first song off the album “Start It Up Again” is the great way to get things going and I really think it sets the tone of the album. The electro beats behind Cal’s sweet lyrics and vocals makes for great introduction to the rest of the album. Second we get “All We Got Is Time”. This song definitely has more of a pop feel behind it. But just like most tracks that Timeflies make, it’s incredibly catchy and will most definitely be played on repeat.

After Hours unquestionably shows off the time and effort these guys put into their work. With big names like T-Pain and Fabulous being some of the artist Cal & Rez collaborated with on the album. You can certainly put these guys into the big leagues with other Top 40 acts you constantly hear on the radio. The song “Fall” shows a lot of promise for plays on the airwaves. With it’s “make you wanna dance” back beat and “sunshine on my mind” lyrics. It’s a carefree hit that is sure to satisfy most peoples eardrums. Not to mention Fabulous’s break down in the middle of the song is the perfect chance to try out your rapping skills.

Now these guys just aren’t all about the party (even though it totally seems like it). The album also holds a few other gems like “Monsters” and “Beast” that really showcase Cal’s ability to rap himself. At a couple moments you’ll probably think you’re listening to Eminem because I will say, yes, he is THAT good! It’s shame that a talent like his goes unnoticed. But hopefully these few tracks will hook’em a lot more fans and a ton of respect.

I’ll end this review with a shout out to one of my many favorite songs on the album “All The Way”. This song has been on my workout, pre-game and party playlist for months now and it’s still not old. In no time you’ll find yourself belting the lyrics and probably doing a little bit of fist pumping. With this song easily being one of the “bigger” hits of the album, playing/requesting it the next time you’re out will undeniably be a good idea.

All in all After Hours is a phenomenal album by an even more phenomenal group. These guys have been dedicated to their fans since day one and nothing has changed since. I’m not begging but demanding that you listen to this album as soon as you can. Because after you do you’ll be wondering what you ever did without them!

Authors note: Make sure you check out Timeflies this summer as they are doing plenty of shows and will also be updating their YouTube page with Timeflies Tuesdays videos every week.