Tim McGraw Mixtape Launch

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Country superstar Tim McGraw is back with some new music! He will be releasing a mixtape on November 6th. Pandora is presenting an exclusive album release party and performance in New York City to celebrate McGraw’s mixtape launch. The event will be held on November 11th.

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Pandora’s goal for hosting events like this is to connect fans to live performances and give them an experience they will remember for a lifetime. Pandora has teamed up with Tim McGraw and his record label, Big Machine Label Group, to make this unique event happen. McGraw’s mixtape also would not have happened if it wasn’t for Pandora. The company worked with the country singer to create a custom mixtape featuring songs that have made an impact on McGraw’s career. The singer’s most recent album, Damn Country Music, will come out on November 6th.

One of the main reasons Pandora is partnering with Tim McGraw is because the country singer is a huge favorite on Pandora. He is the 25th most played artist and currently holds the #5 spot in the country genre. McGraw has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide and shows no sign of slowing down. His current single “Top Of The World” off his 14th studio album, Damn Country Music, has already entered the top 15 on radio.

Make sure to check out McGraw’s mixtape and album release on November 6th!

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