The questions we have about the alleged Blink 182 break-up

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Unless you’ve been totally cut off from the internet (and if you have, we’re so sorry we have to be the bearer of bad news) then you’ve heard about the battle over whether Tom DeLonge still holds his spot in the band Blink 182. Although we have heard from both sides of the story, some things still don’t add up. Here are some of the questions that are looming around the internet:


Who should we believe?

Because Tom, Travis and Mark have all given their sides of the story, people are still trying to decide who to believe. If you’re one of these people, just remember there are always THREE sides to every story… don’t forget about the truth.


What ACTUALLY started this in band battle?

In the Rolling Stone article, Travis and Mark revealed that in the past they had always tried to “cover” for Tom when he refused to do something. So was his refusal to show up to the recording studio the straw that broke the camels back?


Why is Tom deleting his tweets?

Over the past 24 hours, Tom has tweeted multiple things that no longer appear on his timeline, one about how he never planned on quitting the band, the other talking about “begging” Travis to not leave the band.



As of now, Tom has posted a ‘Letter to the Fans’ on his Facebook page explaining his side of the story.


Updates to come!