The Neighbourhood Take Over Santa Ana, CA 02.07.2016

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This band of talented musicians took over The Observatory in Santa Ana, Ca for 2 sold out nights! We were there on the second night which was February 07, 2016! The Neighbourhood ( Jesse Rutherford, Zachary Abels, Jeremy FreedmanMichael Margott, Brandon Fried ) had the bands Casinos and Hunny as openers, which was such a fantastic decision since the fans seemed hyped not only for the headliners but openers as well!

As soon as the lights went out and the members started to make their way onto stage the fans erupted with cheers and screams. Jesse Rutherford was the last to hit the stage and as if the place wasn’t loud enough as soon as he showed face everyone seemed to scream LOUDER! Usually at concerts people sing a long and have their phones out but that night, although the crowd was in fact singing a long and recording/ taking pictures it was as though their focus was more geared towards listening to the lyrics attentively. It was as though The Neighbourhood had everyone mesmerized.

It was good to see them perform a mixture of music from all of their projects, great set list. Very well balanced and of course they ended the night with “Sweater Weather” which if you recall in 2013, The Neighbourhood exploded with it as their hit single. It was all uphill from there, receiving recognition at a worldwide level. Just recently the band announces their WIPED OUT! Summer U.S. tour.  The excitement was all over social media as fans tweeted and posted excitedly.

Here at Stage Right Secrets, we are looking forward to hearing new music and possibly covering their summer show! Let us know what your favorite The nbhd song is! Also, if you are going to be making your way to see them make sure to let us know what city!

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