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Marianas Trench Live Review

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6O7A5760Walking into the House of Blues there was a line of fans bearing the twenty degree weather outside just to get up close to Marianas Trench. After seeing their hour long show, I can understand why you’d wait outside in the cold all day.
Out of the hundreds of sets I see a year with festivals and concerts, Marianas Trench easily made my top five best performances I’ve ever seen. Bands should take notes from them on how to properly engage the fans. They made it possible to interact or give a second of their time from everyone in the pit to all the way up to the second balcony in the sold out venue. Josh Ramsay (lead singer) even went around the entire venue while singing.


6O7A5863Unlike a good portion of bands today, all four of these guys have been together for fifteen years. With that amount of time together brings incredible banter on stage, not to mention jaw dropping harmonies, evident in “Who Do You Love”.
Marianas Trench has an extremely loyal fan base. That appeared evident when during one of their songs “Stutter” off their album Ever After was played and all of the fans on the floor section were doing the dance moves from their music video. I’ve never seen that done before, it was such a great sight to see. The other amazing aspect about their fan base is the fact that they’re all ages, genders, demographics, and races. It was great to see an 8 year old girl singing along next to her father in the audience. There aren’t many bands that I can take my nieces and parents to see where we all can enjoy. Not to mention the fact that they take time to meet their fans after shows.
If you haven’t picked up their album Astoria do so now and be sure to snag a ticket to their concert before they sell out! Check out our full photo gallery from the show here.

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