Onesie Playlist Takeover!

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Onesie has put together a great playlist of songs that inspired their latest album exclusively for us!

Ben Haberland commented on the song choices saying, “While writing Leos Consume I tried to distill some of my favorite rock influences into a stew. To a certain degree, if you open your mouth or pick up a guitar a particular sound is going to come out and you’re stuck with it. For me, that tends to be a jangly power pop progression followed by some shredding, followed by an attempt at singing a simple melody on top. With that in mind, here are a collection of mostly anthemic tunes that helped remind me to keep it hooky, interesting, and from the heart. I think I’ve gotten slightly more Populist in my taste as I’ve gotten older, but I’m throwing in Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu because the Onesie format tends to make us weaponize our instruments in a live setting. The FJM song came out long after we recorded, but I’ve just been cranking that on repeat for a few weeks. It’s catchy and lyrically lacerating; an instant classic”