The Drama League Announces THE ESSENTIALS

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The Drama League (Artistic Director, Gabriel StelianShanks; Executive Director, Bevin Ross) announces THE ESSENTIALS, an expanded series of workshops and seminars developed to explore best practices and changing realities for stage directors and theatermakers, offering vital tools for artists to succeed. After several seasons of acclaimed workshops at The Drama League Theater Center in
Tribeca, this in-person series moves in 2021 to the digital space, connecting artists and patrons around the world by offering these workshops online for the first time, beginning February 5.

“When theater returns to its stages after the pandemic, it will be radically changed, a change that will transform the work of directors in many exciting ways,” said Artistic Director Gabriel Stelian-Shanks. “With this spring series of workshops, directors, theatermakers, and others can explore the foundational skills and techniques directors employ, with an eye towards cutting-edge techniques and the questions that will influence the future.”

THE ESSENTIALS BUNDLE, which includes all workshops with full participant access (eight sessions total), is available for $199 (regular price $280). Students, Drama League members, and AEA/SDC members can access discounted rates. To learn more about pricing and how to partake in THE ESSENTIALS series, visit dramaleague.org/essentials.


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