The Chainsmokers Are Back With Another Hit To Kick Off 2016

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So 2016 has already started off with a bang. It seems like everyone is gearing up for an unforgettable year and bringing their A-Game.

As many of you may have noticed Stage Right Secrets has been a pretty big fan of the rising EDM group The Chainsmokers. After a phenomenal year in 2015, it looks like they took NYE (New Years Eve) to do a quick reset and are ready to keep bringing the fire.

With their last single “Roses” continually climbing the charts every day, it’s easy to say that Drew Taggart and Alex Pall will soon be household names in the EDM music world.

So to kick things off in 2016 The Chainsmokers about a week ago they dropped their newest single “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring the lovely voice of Daya. It’s an awesome follow up to “Roses” giving some major Trap feels along with a beyond sweet drop. Perfect for the gym, going out or just plain losing your mind and dancing in your room.


Now if you’re an avid reader of my post you know I like to make finding the music easy for you…soooooooooooooo look out below. “Don’t Let Me Down” is available for your listening pleasure below.