The Big Time ‘Imaginary Heart’ Review

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A couple of weeks we posted our interview with The Big Time where we discussed who was the biggest flirt in addition to discussing their upcoming EP, ‘Imaginary Heart.’ You can watch that interview here. Now, The Big Time is back and coming in hot with the release of their new EP, ‘Imaginary Heart.’

‘Imaginary Heart’ is a six-track compilation recorded with ZK Productions, better known for their work with Mayday Parade, Cartel, All Time Low, which also features Dazy the Girl on the final track.

Track List:

  1. Rise or Ruin
  2. Sandcastles
  3. Transparent
  4. My Must, My Faith
  5. City Lights (ft. Dazy)

The Big Time has developed a sound that is very similar to Mayday Parade but also has a touch of Rise Against in it. ‘Imaginary Heart’ has a very mellow trend with the beats and melodies we can remember from past bands. For those of you in your twenties, this EP will take you back to the bands you used to listen to in junior high and high school. For those of you younger than twenty, this will be your anthem through your growing stages.

For instance, ‘Transparent’ is a very good break-up song for both girls and guys. There is so much heart in the song; the vocals give feeling to the words being sung. The last track, “City Lights” ft. Dazy the Girl, is one of the strongest songs on the EP; this song was made for the fall, walking in the brisk weather remembering the cities you’ve been to and the people you’ve lost. For me, I wish I had this song while I was in high school.

Overall, Imaginary Hearts is a very strong piece in The Big Time’s puzzle – this band is going places.

You can pick up ‘Imaginary Heart’ for yourself here.