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It’s been two weeks since the season premiere of The Bachelorette, and A LOT has gone down thus far.

Every season, Chris Harrison ensures us that it’ll be the “most dramatic season yet”…Oddly enough, I believe him.

Last week, we got introduced to the bachelors competing for Jojo’s heart and I have to say, this is the HOTTEST season YET.

Here are some guys who stood out to me…

1.Jordan Rodgers, former NFL player, little brother of Aaron Rodgers, and quite frankly…a hunk!


2. James Taylor, singer/song writer and probably the most genuine contestant on the show (I’m secretly hoping he doesn’t end up with Jojo and becomes The Bachelor)


Last but not least…

3. Luke Pell, the next “Prince Farming”, singer/song writer, and former officer overseas.


Alright….Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about this past week’s episode as there was finally a one on one date, and two group dates!



To kick off this episode, we see a limo catching on fire…Of course Jojo wasn’t in there, but we did see her arrive in a firefighter truck wearing bunker gear and running to put out the fire with a huge water hose. So I guess you can make the assumption that the first group date will be at a firefighter station and they will have to go through some drill/obstacle course in order to earn some quality time with Jojo. Wells, the radio dj didn’t succeed too much and in fact even felt extremely sick while wearing all that gear but sitting out was the best thing he could have done because that won him extra time with the beautiful bachelorette. But also, let’s be real here…Grant, the firefighter was the one who ended up winning the obstacle course challenge, is that unfair or what?! Luke was a close second though, in my eyes, he pretty much won. I say that particularly because later on that night, although Wells ended up getting the group date rose, Luke and Jojo shared a passionate kiss that left me nearly breathless.

The first one on one date was with commercial banker, Derek. The whole date was all about choices and making decisions. From one decision to the next, the couple ended up at the Golden State Bridge in San Francisco.


Later on that night, Jojo and Derek got to sit down in a romantic quiet setting where Jojo proceeded to ask questions about Derek’s past in order to get to know him better. We learned that Derek had a tough past with his ex and that he was even considering potentially marrying her, that was until he learned that she had been cheating on him with some other guy. Although the couple did share a kiss, I don’t see them ending up together. I have a strong feeling that Derek is gonna land himself on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise.

So moving on to the second group date…Can I just say, all the hotties were present for this one. The date took place at ESPN’s ‘Sports Nation’ which didn’t take long before it became ‘Bachelor Nation’. This date included a bunch of different sports-themed games, and was followed by a fake press conference where the guys were asked to list all the qualities they love about Jojo. All guys present on this date were quickly to confess what it was about Jojo that drove them crazy (in a good way), but Chad Johnson, this season’s villain, refused to join in. Instead, he called Jojo naggy, and called out the guys for living in some sort of fantasy where you fall in love overnight. Chad claims that while he can’t list things he loves about Jojo, he is really looking forward to getting to know her…Which I mean, he has a point. A lot of the times, these contestants think they’ve fallen in love with the person but in reality it’s all just lust. Jojo seemed to appreciate his honesty, although he could have made that sound a lot better than it actually did.



Later on, those guys got some alone time with Jojo and damn was I surprised with James Taylor and Chad. Chad opened up to Jojo about why he is the way he is, why he hasn’t been in a relationship in quite some time, and the two of them even shared a steamy kiss. James Taylor read a poem to Jojo that was nothing but genuine and sincere which even brought tears to Jojo’s eyes (have I told you guys I really hope he is the next bachelor).

Then the following day there was a rose ceremony where three irrelevant contestants were sent home (it’s too early to be attached to any of them).

This pretty much summarizes the past 2 weeks of the show! Make sure you tune in next week for a two-night The Bachelorette special and make sure to follow us on twitter @StageRights as we’ll be live tweeting through it all!




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