The Bachelor is Back!

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If you haven’t heard, the 20th season of The Bachelor just premiered on ABC last night and this season is nothing less then promising. Every season for as long as we can remember, Chris Harrison has always claimed that the current season was the most dramatic season yet, and quite frankly I can see why he says that every year, something crazy always unravels and leaves us all in absolute shock.

The Bachelor this season is Ben Higgins, who won our hearts over last year on The Bachelorette. Ben got his heart broken by Kaitlyn Bristowe, but this worked out in his favor since he’s currently one of the most desired men on television, especially because of his genuine personality, sincere morals, and gorgeous looks.

To those who missed last night’s episode, I will give you a brief recap of what happened without giving too much away!

In the beginning of the episode we learn that Ben grew up in the Indiana town of Warsaw, although he now resides in Denver, Colorado. We also got to meet his loving parents, David and Amy, who have been married for thirty four years. Ben wants nothing more than to be able to find the love that his parents have, and I don’t blame him, have you seen the two?

We also got to learn a little about the women hoping to steal Ben’s heart this season, and we all know for a fact, this is where we all start judging the women.

I must say, there were some pretty interesting women on last night’s episode. Tiara, the chicken enthusiast definitely stood out to me, she seemed very passionate about her chickens and was definitely having trouble choosing between her hens or Ben. Mandi, the dentist who showed up wearing a rose on her head, and performed an oral exam on Ben definitely reminded me of Ashley S. from Chris Soules season! Former news anchor, Olivia definitely put herself out there by  letting Ben know that she quit her full time job to be on the show, in the hopes of finding love, which might be worth it considering she received the first impression rose. We can’t forget about Amber and Becca from Chris’s season that decided to come back this season after finding out Ben was the bachelor. But the one who stood out to me the most was Jojo, who showed up wearing a unicorn head and let Ben know that she thinks of him as her unicorn.

As usual, there is always that one contestant that serves as the drama queen and stirs things up on the show, and this season, it is Lace. She laid a smooch on Ben right after stepping out of the limo claiming she wanted to be his first kiss, judged just about every women in the mansion, later on asked Ben once more for another kiss, and after receiving a rose at the end of the night…got mad at him because he apparently did not make any eye contact with her during the rose ceremony. I truly sense TROUBLE from this one!

Just from the first episode of the season last night, and the previews for episodes to come, I can sense this season will be the most dramatic season yet…

We’re all a bit protective of our sweet Ben, so let’s see if these women have what it takes to win not only America’s heart, but most importantly, his heart!

You can watch The Bachelor on ABC on Monday’s 8/7c!

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