Supergroup NEKOKAT drops first EP!

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The alt-pop supergroup of Jordan Witzigreuter (The Ready Set), Jess Bowen (drummer from The Summer Set) and Cameron Walker (writer) aka Nekokat dropped their first EP online today, and if you’ve been a fan of The Ready Set or The Summer Set in the past this really isn’t something you want to pass up on. It’s only four songs ($4.99 on iTunes plus streaming on Spotify) and it’s definitely worth at least a listen.

This supergroup-collab-thing sounds like The Ready Set and The Summer Set had a musical baby (which makes sense, obviously). It’s everything TRS fans are used to vocally with the happy, poppy, upbeat style of TSS with some of the electric, produced sound typical of The Ready Set’s recorded music. The EP is everything you could want out of a summertime release, it’s pretty much perfect for rolling the windows down on a sunny day with the radio cranked up.

Of the four songs, Communication stylistically is the most strange – not as upbeat and poppy as the other three – but lyrically it fits right in. This EP feels like summertime freedom and finding out more about yourself and taking risks. It’s an understandable emotional connection to make, considering these three artists are all taking a risk with this new side-project but they’re not focused on the risk; they are focused only on being themselves and having a good time. That’s what summer is supposed to be all about, right?

The Reckless is super fun, Gimme A Break is crazy catchy and Communication is chill, but my personal favorite on the EP is Don’t Be Loud (it just makes me want to dance).