Staff Reactions: Magic Mike Live in Las Vegas

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We have all dreamt that Magic Mike was actually our lives (you can’t tell me you haven’t!). Well, that dream is coming true! Via Facebook Live, Channing Tatum announced that The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas will be hosting Magic Mike Live! You have time to save those singles, as the show won’t open until March of 2017. And although Channing himself won’t be the star of the show, he is the brains behind the project and will be in Vegas to create this gift to the world. Check out our staff members’ two cents on this legendary announcement and Channing’s video below!


“Holy. Cow. Meet you guys there?”

~ Gina Catalano, Editor/Reporter



At first I thought he was going to be in it though and I almost had a heart attack!

I need to go to Vegas to celebrate my 21st anyways so I wonder if they will do something extra if I say it’s my birthday!

Maybe I’ll get Channing!” (Channing, what’s good?)

~ Angela Thomas, Writer


“Hey Vegas”
~ Emma Toney, Social Media/Writer



~ Racquel Goldman, Editor/Reporter


“Oh. My. Gosh. Thank you, 2016!”
~ Becca Greve, Writer

Let us know what you think of Magic Mike Live and check out the official site here!

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