SRS Takes On Disney on Ice!

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If you were a spoiled child in the 1980s and 1990s, you might remember your parents taking you to a little show called Disney on Ice. You might have been wearing your favorite Disney Princess costume, your parents might have bought you the program filled with vibrant colored photos of the show and you might have spent the entire car ride home begging your parents for ice skating lessons… Or was that just me?


While Disney was my childhood, Disney has also transitioned into my adulthood. The meanings behind each film are clearer, there was a better grasp on each song lyric and the dedication behind every single thing Disney does is better appreciated. In terms of Disney on Ice, the show was much more magnificent as an adult. The adolescent awe of the show has slightly diminished but the detail is more recognizable. From the professional ice skaters to the employees selling merchandise, that magic of Disney is present.


Disney on Ice’s latest production is Frozen, the latest craze for all ages. They stayed true to the animated film, reenacting almost every scene. The attention to detail was phenomenal – from the Duke of Weseltown’s bizarre dance moves and detachable hair to the giant snow creature that chases Anna and Kristoff away to Olaf, both full snowman and parts of snowman.


I’m not afraid to admit that this 23-year-old muttered the word “whoa” out loud on more than one occasion. While the actual performance was inspiring in its own, the behind-the-scenes work is inspiring even more so. Here are a couple of facts on the Disney on Ice Production:

  • It takes about 20 hours to set up production
  • 16 trucks are used to transport the entire production
  • Over 17,000 miles will be traveled on this tour
  • The cast ranges from ages 18-47 and are representing 11 countries
  • Thousands of yards of fabric are used for their costumes
  • Over 100 people worked on the production of the costumes
  • Over 200 props are used and 20 snow machines are used

Are you impressed yet?

Disney on Ice has proved that it’s more than just a show for kids – bring your family, bring your friends. This production is for more than one set age group and will not disappoint. Besides, who doesn’t love to sing along to “Let It Go”?

Visit the official Disney on Ice website to see when they’ll be headed to a city near you!

Gina is a former editor and content creator for Stage Right Secrets. From October 2013-November 2016, she was responsible for social media and SEO practices, on-camera assignments and assigning stories to staff.