Singer-Songwriter Lindsay Adamson Reconnects with Canadian Roots In New Music

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Canadian singer-songwriter Lindsay Adamson releases her highly-anticipated single Country Music Feels Like Home available on all digital platforms.

The Canada native wrote her new single about the feeling of finally finding her place – in Music City making country music. Lindsay is inspired by Maren Morris. he songstress released her debut single “You Got Me” in February of this year, reaching over 150,000 streams in the first three months and is currently writing for upcoming projects.

Writing this song made me realize that the feeling of home is not connected to a geographic location,” Lindsay said. “You get to feel at home when you finally give yourself permission to find your soul’s true path, the plan that’s made for you.


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A very upbeat song about home is where the heart is not a physical place. Her strong voice and amazing harmonies make the song come together. To Lindsay country music is home but the home could be anything especially in music with the rhythm, lyrics, etc. Focus on your happy place and you are never alone since that is your home.

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