Singer-Songwriter Gabrielle Metz Shares New Single “Hey Cupid” (Exclusive)

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While we’re working our nine-to-fives, how’s Cupid earning his pay? That’s exactly what Gabrielle Metz is trying to figure out in her new single “Hey Cupid.”

In writing her love story, Metz has penned her chapter on longing. And it doesn’t feature the slow, moody, minor fall, major lift piano you might think it does. Instead, Metz uses an upbeat guitar riff and a steady drumbeat to propel her song into the chorus where she asks the almighty god of love to “put in some overtime” and “help a girl out” on the romantic front.


Though she may not have found her “Mister Right” yet, Metz has surely used the past year to find the “Mister Right” of her sound. A bit more pop influenced than some of her more recent singles (including “Christmas With You”, “Thin Ice,” and “Hear My Heart”), Gabrielle Metz uses her new release “Hey Cupid” to fine tune her sound and put herself back in the spotlight in the new year.

You can learn more about Gabrielle Metz by visiting her website.