EXCLUSIVE: Pale Waves Interview on ‘Who Am I’ Album

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UK band, Pale Waves have released their long-awaited sophomore album, Who Am I? today via Dirty Hit and we got to chat with frontwoman/songwriter/lead vocalist/rhythm guitar player/all-around ridiculously cool human, Heather Baron-Gracie.

Stage Right Secrets: You just released, “Fall To Pieces”. What is the story behind the single?
Heather Baron-Gracie: That song is about my relationship, and I wrote it at the start. In the beginning, I had a lot of growth to do, I had a lot to figure out. And thankfully Kelsi allowed me to have that time to work and she had a lot of patience with me. I did sort of drag her through hell. Mentally, I was all over the place and I needed to adjust a lot of things in my life. And that naturally affected our relationship and put a strain on it at times, because I was hard work. It’s basically just about me being hard work and difficult… And being dramatic! Like, how dramatic is “how long until we fall to pieces?”

Your album Who Am I? includes the track “Change” which is about heartbreak, specifically stories of heartbreak from your friends. What was it like writing from a different point of view than your own?
I kinda like it! I like channeling someone else’s emotions. I feel like, sometimes, I do that best. Some of the concepts on this album came from Kelsi, like “You Don’t Own Me.” We would have a conversation and that would spark concepts and I would take from her emotions and then channel my own emotions. It’s nice not to be so self-consumed and to talk about yourself all the time. To involve other people and draw from their emotions and their experiences is refreshing.

Do you feel you learned a lot about modern dating?
(laughs) Modern dating? I wouldn’t say I ever was a person who went on a lot of dates. This album is mainly just about one person, so I have learned a lot about love but I’m definitely not a dater.

How do you think you have grown since your last album, My Mind Makes Noises?
I mean, it’s been three years. I feel like, mentally, you are a lot different when you’re 23. When you’re 25/26, a lot can change. We have traveled the world, I’ve met various other people, and I think I’ve become a lot more mature in a lot of ways. Don’t get me wrong, I can be, you know, very silly and playful at times. But I just started to grow up and look at what I wanted my life to be, instead of living in the moment, which I did a lot of. I still do a lot of it, but I look forward to the future more and think about where I want it to be when I am 30. Like, “what am I working towards?” kind of thing.

You can listen/buy the brand new album from Pale Waves HERE on CD, vinyl, cassette, digital download, and streaming. Follow Pale Waves on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.