“She Walks The Woods” Released On Amazon

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Halloween was yesterday which means to millions of Americans, today officially starts the Christmas season. We would like to savor up Halloween still and have the perfect movie to do so. Just released yesterday on Amazon Prime is “She Walks The Woods” starring twin brothers Danny and Scotty Bohnen, best known as the co-hosts of The Cult Classic Horror Show Podcast.

Similar to “The Blair Witch Project”, the horror film is a story compiled from raw found-footage that promises to keep you on the edge of your seat. Just in time for Halloween, it is perfect for fans of suspense, monstrous creatures, and gut-wrenching gore.

Brothers Brad and Mike Rayburn along with their friend Dennis Copley are the creators of Ultimate Survival, an amateur survival web series they hope will take them to internet stardom. When Hope, an old friend of Dennis’ from film school, reaches out and offers up her family’s tiny cabin way off the grid in the Rocky Mountains, they all jump at the opportunity to use the location for an episode. Over 1600 people have previously vanished from the site, never to be seen again. The Rayburn Brothers and their team of adventurers are about to find out why. Road trip and campfire bonding ensue, leading Dennis and Hope to spark up an old romance, but once they hike deeper into the mountains to film their episode it becomes apparent that something is following them and it’s not going to let them leave.