EXCLUSIVE: County Line Runner Interview

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County Line Runner is the solo project of singer/songwriter Adam Day. Day’s music has the ability to move listeners and force them to pay attention to his musicality and transfers fans into a story with each and every lyric. His project was named after a character from a nineties TV show who robbed banks across county lines, the moniker summarizes his place at a handful of intersections—upbeat energy versus introverted vulnerability, folk sensibilities versus rock ambition, and nostalgia-for-days-gone-by versus hope-for-the-future.

Congrats on your EP! How did you go about choosing which songs would make the cut?
Ah, thank you! I guess as it’s my first EP, I just wanted to keep it simple and give people an idea of what I’m about, and I think it does that.

The album was recorded at Yawn Studios, did the studio itself or location play a part in the vibe of the music?
I guess so because we worked with Bill Ryder-Jones, it was his own place and we weren’t on the clock so-to-speak, so it was more relaxed. Some studios can feel like dentists waiting rooms, clinical and impersonal, which I’m not into but Yawn was kinda how I like it.

What made you decide to include a live version of “Like A Love Poem To A Player” on the album?
Ah well…that was my manager’s idea. I guess it shows another side to what I write, I wasn’t so sure, but people seem to really like it so that’s cool. It was a last-minute thing when we recorded. I was messing about on the piano and someone decided to press record.

Your music seems to have a variety of influences, do genres of music matter to you personally or should they in general?
Yeah, I get asked quite a bit. “What genre is your music?” and I’m never comfortable answering that. I don’t look at music that way, if something’s different then I just enjoy it for what it is.

Was there a specific moment or song that inspired you to become a songwriter and artist?
I remember when I was a kid hearing ‘Live Forever’ by Oasis and it was a bit of a lightning bolt moment but I never thought I’d ever end up writing songs. My family are from where they were from so it made me aware that you didn’t have to come from money or anywhere flash to do it.

How did signing with KIDinaKORNER come about?
I put out a couple of songs online that did pretty well, and Alex (Alex da Kid) heard them and got in touch. I went to LA and they offered me a deal to release some music this year, so I said yeah let’s do it.

You recently played your first show in the states, what was that experience like and do you plan on focusing on touring in North America in the future?
As an English kid, playing in America was a bit of a dream for me. So many artists I admire come from there, to play in New York City was great. I seem to get a lot of listeners from over that way that connect with my music, so we’ll be doing some more hopefully soon.

You have a number of concerts coming up, what goes into creating a setlist for you?
Building a setlist is a new thing for me. It’s normally the first time they’ve seen us play, so I make it to the point and not too long. I want people to enjoy it, but not overstay my welcome.

Are you thinking about a debut full-length album just yet?
Yeah, that’s something that’s been on my mind a while and something we’re working towards. I think I’ve got a good debut record in me, so it’s a case of when really.

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