Scarlet Sails Interview

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We recently got the chance to chat with Brian Viglione from Scarlet Sails about their beginnings, touring, and future plans. Check out the interview below and be sure to catch them on the road this fall!

Who is Scarlet Sails?

Scarlet Sails is a rock band from New York City. Olya sings and does lead vocals, keyboard and songwriting. Brian Viglione is on drums. Joe Noval on bass and Nick Emde on guitar. We are piano based rock and sound wise similar to British 70’s rock, David Bowie.

The tour is winding down, and how has it been so far?

Tour is amazing, we went out for three weeks with Nina Diaz and everyone had a great time. We are getting into the studio this winter then planning to hit the road hard this fall and next spring.

What are some standouts or favorite moments from this tour?

In Brooklyn, I watched Olya and Nina Diaz perform “Under Pressure” for first the time. It was a beautiful duet together. A lot of kids dancing down in Pittsburgh and people getting into it is what we love to see. The tour overall was great and it was great to see the band in a live setting.

Where did the name Scarlet Sails come from?

Olya came up with the name from a Russian novel by Alexander Grin, about a village girl who is seen as a dreamer and oddball and has her heads in the clouds and she wants to break free. She ends up meeting a ship captain and they want to break away from the preordained life they have.

What artists or bands would you say have influenced your guys’ sound the most and what is the songwriting process like?

Music we grew up listening to. Olya usually has solid idea for melody and lyrics. We just experiment around and see what works well with the song. Then bring in guitars. Joel brings soul, Nick brings hard rock and all that leads to a culmination. We play that live in front of a great audience and see how it feels.

How has the response been to your debut EP?

Response has been really good. It’s been a challenge to self release but the people that have found it seem to really like it and the main thing was to get it out there. The debut EP was great since songwriting is interesting and fresh.

What can fans expect after this tour?

We have a fall tour planned throughout October and November and another video for a new song. We want to hit the studio in December and January and are hoping for a release by next spring.