Santa’s Sleigh is Full Tonight: Olivia Lane

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Ever had a Christmas tree malfunction? Tree falls over, ornaments smash everywhere, and the living room is suddenly covered in tinsel and no one has any idea how it went from 0 to 100 in record time? While that nearly happened to country singer/songwriter Olivia Lane, she managed to save Christmas and her family’s tree. Check out her story:

“A couple years ago, my sister insisted on going out in the wilderness and cutting down her own tree, so that is what we did. We brought it back and realized we didn’t have the tree stand saved from the year before so we built one. We decided our stand making skills were amazing so we built a stand from wood and started decorating the tree. Turns out our skills were not the best. My Mom’s nice glass ornaments were almost all hung up and the tree slowly started to fall over! Luckily with my cat like reflexes, I flew off the couch and saved the day holding up the tree. My sister and I held the tree for 45 minutes while my Dad went to try and find a stand at like 10 pm at night. We ended up leaning the tree up against the wall till the next morning. Check out my Instagram page, there’s a great picture of us holding the tree.”

Fingers crossed your tree is standing this year, Olivia! Be sure to check out Olivia’s latest single, “Make My Own Sunshine”, which is linked below!

Make My Own Sunshine – Single – Olivia Lane


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