Olivia Lane Releases Acoustic LP ‘Heart Unlocked’ and is Giving It Away Free!

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Always on the look out for good new music but don’t have the time or the money to check out their music? Good news, now, while you’re already listening to music on Spotify you can check out this up and coming Country Music Artist Olivia Lane!

There are 10 unreleased tracks as well as 3 fan favorites “Mama Raised Hell,” “Steal Me Away” and “You Part 2.”
Get this, you can download a free copy of HEART UNLOCKED at
“I’m so excited the full HEART UNLOCKED acoustic album is out. I poured my last two-and-a-half years into this fun project and hope you enjoy it because it’s all for you!”
Lane has also been releasing weekly videos for each of the songs. Check out her youtube for all the videos and enjoy this one of ‘Make My Own Sunshine.’

With a voice that commands attention it’s not wonder Lane is on the rise!