Santa’s Sleigh is Full Tonight: Crossword

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Boxing Day is only five days away, meaning that this next holiday tradition is quickly approaching for Canadian hip-hop artist Crossword. Although his birth isn’t celebrated as widely as the birth of Jesus, this guy certainly knows the tradition of being with loved ones. Here’s what he has to say:

To be honest, I don’t celebrate anything with family this time of year, or at least I didn’t grow up doing it. My girlfriend celebrates Christmas, so  we’re with her family for that. My birthday’s December 19th so I got presents this time of year, but unfortunately it’s still not recognized as a national holiday (working on it!). My family gift swapping tradition was and is Iranian New Year, which is on the first day of spring every year.

So my most memorable holiday tradition happened to take place with my friends on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas where everyone goes shopping for discounted items with their gift cards. My friends and I would hit the busy downtown fray and blow our relatives’ hard earned money on CDs, video games, and clothes with our favourite team logos on them. Then we’d head back to my place, eat raw cookie dough and play said video games. Ahh the good ole days!

While we’re waiting for the petition to celebrate his birthday nationally, we actually interviewed Crossword a few months ago! Be sure to check back later today to catch the video and see his awesome freestyle!

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