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Sam Hozdulick Set to Release Debut Album “Awake”

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I had the pleasure of listening to Sam Hozdulick’s album “Awake”, and must I say I ABSOLUTELY loved it. There’s something different about her music where each song suits a different emotion or feeling.

Some songs that I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with were “good thing”, “forbidden fruit”, “time bomb”, and “diamond on the floor”.

I kid you not, I was dancing and jamming hard to “good thing”, even my roommates stopped what they were doing and pulled out those horrific dance moves that are too embarrassing to be seen in public! A rapper is also featured during this song, and it really adds to the production of it! I can see this song playing in clubs, bars, parties, beach outings, and just about everywhere else.

I think what is most appealing about Sam’s music is how each song can fit into a different genre. There’s a lot of different instruments incorporated into her music that just gives each song that extra touch. My favorite has to be the brass instruments/keyboarding in “Keep On Lovin’ You”, and “Time Bomb.” it really has that edgy sound to it, with a lot of sassy attitude put into the vocals, and instruments.

Now, if you’re looking for that one jam to sing in the car as you do now to Adele’s “Hello” or Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”, definitely listen to “Forbidden Fruit”. It is easily one of my favorite song’s within this album, and I see it becoming a huge hit. It’s just so catchy!

I’m so impressed with this album, and I know that Sam is going to do extremely well with it, there is not a single bad song on this album. Every song produced in this album is beautifully written and sung, I encourage everyone to take a second, and listen to it!

Sam Hozdulick is set to release her debut album on January 29th!

You can stream her album by clicking on the link below!

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