Pretty Little Liars- Winter Premiere Review

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The day finally arrived where we could all freak out about the return of Pretty Little Liars. In the winter premiere, the show jumped five years forward. (I must get their aging tips, they don’t look a day older!). The show begins with all of the liars reuniting in Rosewood at the request of Ali. It looks like Cece Drake aka Charlotte aka A is possibly being released from Radley. Ali has asked everyone back, much to their disinterest, in order to tell the judge they are no longer scared of Charlotte and that it’s okay for her to be released.

Ali is convinced her friends will pull through for her so that she can have a chance at having a real family again.

We get a glimpse of the Liars new look as they are finally reunited!

We have a bit of catching up to do on what the Liars have been up to for the last five years. Spencer sums it up:

Aria returns to her home where her father asks if she has seen Ezra. He is back from South Africa. We learn his girlfriend has been captured and he is currently suppose to be writing another book. The look when Ezra and Aria see each other gives us all the feels and we secretly hope they end up back together!

Turns out Toby stuck around Rosewood and things got a little awkward when Spencer went to visit.

Turns out the Liars aren’t the only one in a Squad. Toby and Caleb have one too!

Mona also returns and tells Spencer she still has nightmares after what happened to them all.

So the girls testify and basically say they aren’t scared to have Charlotte released.

Not all of them feel that way however, and Aria can’t bring herself to lie. She is still very scared and has flashbacks of what happened.

Long story short, Charlotte gets released anyway

but then supposedly “commits suicide.” We weren’t buying that one though!

Brief pause for the special moment when Haleb reunited and broke our hearts. Hannah is currently engaged to another man- THAT IS NOT CALEB. Although, when her mother told her she thought she would bring him, she didn’t seem like someone who was in love. Maybe there’s hope for a reunion!

Hannah asks Caleb why he didn’t call before he came over and Caleb said he wasn’t sure she would let him in! *Cue the sound of our breaking hearts.* Hannah says of course she would because they are still “friends.”

So now the Liars have yet another funeral to attend. Of course, they are just doing so to be supportive of Ali, and maybe getting a little closure themselves.


They were told Sara wasn’t allowed to testify in court, but guess who showed up to the funeral.

Turns out the Liars have to stay in Rosewood after all as the autopsy revealed that Charlotte was actually dead before she was thrown off the top of a building!

In the preview for next week, it looks like Aria and Ezra were doing some sketchy things the night before and maybe even reunited romantically?! One can hope. Tune in next week to see what happens!