Rizha Invites Fans To Music Video Shoot

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Is it for Dysnomia? Is it for Outside? 

Not much was shared this morning on Twitter apart from the basic information of when and where to go to be able to appear in Rizha‘s new music video. The soon-to-be 20-year-old, who just released her latest EP Dysnomia 10 days ago, took to Twitter to invite her fans to her new video shoot.

The requirements? Be at the bar located Calle Paseo Imperial 4 in Madrid, Spain at 8:00 PM (GMT +1). One tweet to her management saying “Yo Voy” (I’m going) and you’re all set to go!

The only further details that was given about the shoot was a picture the singer tweeted of a blonde girl.

“Everybody’s welcome to join,” her management Uy, Como?! Management added on Twitter. “And if you have some Rizha merch, bring it.”

Will you be going? We sure wish we could!

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