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Rizha Brings Chaos With New ‘Dysnomia’ EP!

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If you weren’t at SWSX this past March to see her perform, or if you’ve been living under a rock really, you may not have heard of Tamara Luz Ronchese quite yet. If it’s not the case, let us change that!

Ronchese, who goes by Rizha, has a life full of music behind her. Named by MTV as “the exquisite rarity of underground music,” the Argentinian triple-threat has already released a full album “Finally,” that she made entirely herself, but also three EPs “fuckit,” “Hipnos” and “Lifted,” in collaboration with one of her best friends and producer Chesko. Signed to Universal Music Publishing since her move to Spain at 13 years old, the singer/composer/producer seems insatiable when it comes to making and learning about music.

Today, she’s bringing her EP count to four, and her fans to chaos, as she releases her newest record “Dysnomia,” which she co-produced last year with producer IKKI.

“IKKI is a producer I’ve been friends with since I was 13 and I aways wanted to work with him,” Rizha shared on Twitter. “Making the EP was so much fun and he proved to be the lord of the sub.”

Check out the EP below, and make sure to go follow Rizha on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram not to miss what she has in stores for the rest of the year!


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