Rising Artist Saint Wild Returns with New Music “Ghost”

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Saint Wild has just dropped his new single, “Ghost”, a track better described as a desperate plea for someone to finally recognize what it is that Saint embodies: Passion, hard work, dedication, and unique talent. 

If love is a battlefield, friendly fire is hurting the one you love. When a few words laced with the heavy scent of alcohol became a weapon, the Ghost of it left me haunted in the aftermath, begging for a second chance. This song is my confession and a plea for forgiveness. I don’t often get emotional when I listen to my own music, but Ghost is the exception.” Saint explains.

Up-and-coming indie artist Saint Wild has faced his share of trials and tribulations throughout his life, including having his world upended at the age of nineteen. As he struggled to find his place in the world, he found solace in music. It became a space where he could process his emotions and experiences as well as connect with listeners who have gone through similar situations.

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