Ready for Monday’s Episode of The Bachelor?!

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Are you ready for Monday’s episode of The Bachelor ? After this past week, it was pretty obvious of all the drama that’ll brew up this season.

As we all know, Lace is the drama queen of the house, but to our surprise, Olivia (who won our hearts over just short after stepping out the limo on the very first night) seems to be the problem child of the house and the one to cause a lot of jealously due to her obvious chemistry with Ben, the bachelor.

The preview above says that Lace becomes “un-laced” and I have no idea what that means, but I can’t wait to find out. I will comment that she is one of the only contestants that I’ve ever heard say is crazy, MULTIPLE times and then apologize for it. A little strange to say the least, but at least she admits it, right?

You can catch The Bachelor every Monday on ABC, 8/7c!

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