Premiere: Sariyah Idan “Refuge in Blue”

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Sariyah Idan releases her official new video today in the form of “Refuge in Blue.” The song which is from her latest release “Breaking Shadows” brings an epic sound to the table that will have you head over heels for the buzzworthy songstress.

The first full video from the record, Sariyah blends her musical sensibility and strong-willed vocals to the forefront of the song. Her songs are laced with Jazz and Soul influences that will be lingering in your ears for days to come, and her latest piece is no different. “Refuge in Blue,” both track and video fit each other like a glove; bringing the best of both worlds to your eyes and ears.

Sariyah shows no sign of slowing down in her wonderful world of music. An accomplished artist and arts educator, whose experience began singing ensemble world folk music as a child, she began dancing professionally and studying poetry and jazz music, Sariyah possesses a profound sense of story alongside a keen understanding of music’s sensual strength and the emotional space a voice can occupy, which is evident in each and every song she pens.

Born and raised in New York, at a cross section where the American folk music of previous generations met the hip hop and Caribbean sounds of the streets, Sariyah has spent her life seeking an articulation of these personal and cultural experiences against the backdrop of her own Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jewish roots.

Her breathtaking new release, “Breaking Shadows”, is the first major landmark of her journey, which is truly only the beginning. An expression of vulnerability and community. Recorded in Los Angeles, Berlin and Lisbon, with an array of some 27 musicians, the songs of Breaking Shadows are confessional, confrontational, social and spiritual. They present a woman’s reflections on love, power, patriarchy, and purpose.The narratives of 60s folk and soul as they meet the vocal rhythms of Zap Mama and Bobby McFerrin; The emotional depths of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone alongside the fierce and fearless Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu; the themes of justice, resilience and spirituality as echoed by the global voices of Celia Cruz, Bob Marley, Buena Vista Social Club, Balkan Beat Box, Rising Appalachia and Nneka.

With her new video for “Refuge in Blue,” taking over your screens today, you’ll want to dive more into what Sariyah Idan has to offer…we sure have! Let her take you on this musical journey into her heavenly vision.

“This is the first full length music video we’re putting out for my album “Breaking Shadows” that dropped in October. The song “Refuge In Blue” was recorded in both Berlin and Los Angeles so it only made sense to shoot the video in both locations as well. Coordinating all that was both a little stressful and very exciting!

The basic instrument tracking for the song was recorded with engineer Lynne Earls in Los Angeles. The synths and vocals were recorded in Berlin with engineer Andy Schlegelat Viktoria Studios and Tricon Studio Funkhaus. Andy also mixed this and seven other songs on the album. It was super dreamy to collaborate with Laura Lloreta from the Berlin based duo REALTIIV. It was a joy to have her come into the studio to record her feature. For me, there’s a weight and grit in my vocals and lyrics on this, while Laura delivers levity and resilience.

“Refuge In Blue” is about cycles of violence experienced by both women and men as a result of patriarchy. But as a woman centered song, I wanted to have multiple women in multiple places featured in the video. In Los Angeles, For Love Productions coordinated an all female film crew to shoot my performance parts along with the fierce dancing of Annett Bone and Breayre Tender. In Berlin, Laura shot with a DP colleague of ours Clément Thomann.”