PREMIERE: Katie Bulley “Shadow Shadow Baby”

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“I gained experience performing live in an all-girl band for 4 years. We opened up for The New York Dolls, Juliette Lewis, Carol Pope, ECT. In the midst of that I won Emerging Artist at The Hamilton Arts Awards. After the band broke up I immediately went solo playing live the week after. I traveled to Nashville to play the intimidating open mics there and then to Memphis to record my first solo album at the legendary Sun Studio with session musicians including Dave Roe who played with Johnny Cash. That album went on to win a Hamilton Music Award. Since then, I have put out three more albums including my newest one ‘Train Insane’. My second solo album was a project I did by myself playing all the instruments expect the drums (that were electronically programmed by me). My third solo album was released acoustically. And ‘Train Insane’ was done in a home studio with a drummer and a guest cello and a guest organ player. I believe music is in my blood and I will always pursue it for my whole life. I hope you enjoy my new album!”

“The song is inspired by falling in love with someone over the internet and following them along for their journey. It’s more common these days than you would think. I want people to know they’re not alone when having a crush online with someone or a crush on anyone in general. Even if you don’t want anything to happen from that crush it’s the feeling of the chase that’s the fun part.

The mood I wanted to have was a carefree rock and roll new york dolls vibe. I think I captured it pretty well.”