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PREMIERE | Emmrose Premieres Debut EP ‘Hopeless Romantics’

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At age 16, New York City native Emmrose has already been making music for half of her life. Growing up, she drew inspiration from pop and rock music legends such as Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, and Radiohead. Nowadays, however, the teenager is strongly influenced by more alternative artists like Lorde and Billie Eilish. With soaring vocals and intricate melodies, the young singer has managed to give her sound a unique tone, perfectly blending poetic lyrics and interwoven harmonies.

In 2016, Emmrose began collaborating with EDM artist, Rebecca ‘Krystalmath’ Rossi, at her Manhattan studio. Together, the two wrote and recorded “Can You Feel It?” which was released under the artist Krystalmath in early 2019. Emmrose then went on to record her own music at Behind the Curtains studio in Brooklyn with producer/engineer Mike Abiuso. “What Emmrose and I have in common is that we are both extremely hard to please, which in my opinion is a great thing,” Abuiso shared. “It really challenges us and makes for a really special end result, that in-turn is held very closely to both of us.”

Today, we’re proud to premiere the result of these two brilliant minds’ collaboration in the form of Emmrose’s debut EP Hopeless Romantics!

Track Listing for Hopeless Romantics:

  1. Take Me With You
  2. Tonight
  3. Hopeless Romantics
  4. Four Voices
  5. Takes Me Back
  6. Five Months
  7. Don’t Go

Emmrose released a number of singles late last year leading up to the release of the 7-track EP. Diving deep into personal experiences and reflections of love, heartbreak, and finding happiness, the singles quickly attracted attention from all over the world. When asked about what she hopes fans take away from the EP, the singer shared, “Don’t let bad people stay in your life. It is possible to move on and find happiness. Don’t let the pain of life over come you and take away your spirit. It’s possible to overcome it. It’s ok to be sad, but just know that this sadness isn’t really ‘you’, and your attachment to people isn’t happy and you can move on.”

With the recent confusing and lonely times we’ve been forced to face lately, the message seems to resonate even more powerfully. From the beginning of the EP to the very end, Emmrose captures your entire attention and takes you on a warm and mellow ride through life and love, lulling you with a melancholy that one doesn’t except to hear from an artist this young.

If “Tonight” has already gathered over 51k+ Spotify streams, and her latest single “Take Me With You” has already attracted praise amongst her peers, one can only expect the whole EP to do just as well.

Hopeless Romantics is set to release this Friday, March 20th.


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