Pop Artist Mallory Pacific Releases Remix of “Emotional” for PRIDE Month

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Pop artist Mallory Pacific released a fun, retro dance remix of her song “Emotional” just in time for Pride Month!

You can stream her new single by clicking here.

This remix will give you early 2000’s nostalgia with a sound reminiscent of “Scream And Shout” by and Brittany Spears. Mallory Pacific describes this song as “a celebration of radical self-acceptance and an act of self-love. It is about being obsessed with yourself, as is, unconditionally, no exceptions.” With people finally being able to go out and see their friends, this song is a perfect addition to any Pride party playlist!

Mallory opens up about the intense process it took to write this song and about her feelings on being a member of the LGBTQ+ community: “I used to feel misunderstood and ashamed of who I was. I was told I was too much. Too sensitive. Too emotional. Too dramatic. And I honestly hated myself for it. Writing ‘Emotional’ was me reclaiming who I am and my emotions and making them my power. So take me as I am, or leave me alone!” Mallory is grateful to the LGBT community for always being there for her and accepting her when she couldn’t accept herself. She describes the community as “her chosen family” and all of her music, especially the Pride remix, is a token of gratitude and opportunity to make people feel as powerful and accepted as the queer community did for her.

Mallory Pacific is a Nashville-based artist, songwriter, producer, creative director, entrepreneur, and self-described “boss bitch business owner.” She has over 20 years of experience in the music industry and 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. She has an eye for aesthetics and an ear for music. Born in ‘87 and “extra ever since”, Mallory’s music industry experience ranges from a 2000’s girl group, a high school emo band, choir, worship leading, an EDM group, and a solo artist & sync A&R. Having done make-up for TV and film for several years, she managed multiple salons in Chicago, Southern California & Portland. Mallory is also a professional tarot reader, astrologer, psychic medium & spiritual influencer/emotion coach. Her brand spans beyond just the music, deeply encouraging women & the LGBTQ community to embrace their emotions by connecting deeply with themselves and owning their power.

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