Our Top 10 Must See Acts at Lollapalooza

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1. Wallpaper.

Their live show in one word is insanity.  This group is about to blow up and have an originality I can’t put into words.  Ricky Reed is real.

2. Krewella

Our home grown Chicago Krewewlla is sure to pump up your day! Even if you’re not a edm fan these three can change that.

3. Betty Who

Australian beauty Betty Who has been living in the US since 2007 and recently signed to RCA Records. Her music has a unique sound that will draw all different crowds to her set and make them bust out their best dance moves.

4. Gemini Club

For a taste into the local Chicago music scene, indie-electronica band Gemini Club is the perfect band to see. Each one of their live shows is different than the next, making each set a unique experience for them and the audience. They’re definitely a band to check out at Lolla and to say a few years down the road, “I saw them before they were big”.

5. Into It. Over It.

Another Chicago Native, Evan brings a emo meets indie mix into this year’s festival.  Constantly putting out new material and touring you never know what new song will become your favorite.

6. AFIAFI (or in case you didn’t know, A Fire Inside) has been around since 1991 but I would hardly refer to them as “old”. They just released new music last year and show no signs of slowing down. They are one of the few traditional punk bands that should bring a fantastic set to the show.

7. Outkast

How can you not see Outkast back in action? Go listen to Hey Ya while dancing with thousands of other festival-goers. A sight you don’t want to miss.

8. Bleachers

If youhaven’t heard “I Want To Get Better” you are missing out my friend.  Jack is already winning over listeners and is sure to please.

9. The 1975

They have accents, need I say more? The 1975 have incredible stage presence along with inhuman pitch perfection.

10. Lorde

After blowing up the charts and becoming one of the hottest solo artists, Lorde still is proving to everyone time and time again, why she deserves the title of “queen”.

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