Our Exclusive Chat with SOFIA

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How does Brazil compare to the United States?
It is and always will be home inside our hearts. But the music scene there is very different than here. We find more opportunities to grow and reach bigger audiences.

What were your favorite books growing up and now?
I think the two big ones that the three of us have in common are Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter. Nowadays it varies, it could be some philosophy, history books or even some other fantasy-like The Witcher.

Are there any misconceptions about Brazilians you wish to break?
Like anyone else, we’d just like to share our message and be heard. Hopefully where the messenger is from has no bearing on the message itself!

Do you write music in Portuguese as well?
Not for the band, no. But we all have different projects, and some of them are with other musicians from Brazil. Plus, we all started in bands back home and that was mostly in Portuguese.

When did you realize music was your calling?
We all were surrounded by music from a very young age, playing in bands and writing right from the start. Things just kind of naturally progressed once we realized music was actually something you could do for a living!

How would you best describe your sound?
Elegant guitar, hyperactive bass, sweeping soundscapes, airy synthesizers, plainspoken lyrics, energetic drums and hypnotic harmonies.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
We just want to share our stories and hope that whoever is listening can feel like they relate. Or maybe it’s just an escape for them, like the stories we read in books when we were young.

Who are your dream collaborators?
That’s though because the three of us like all kinds of music, but probably at the top are people like Rick Rubin, Matt Bellamy. Billie Eilish and Finneas are some of the more recent ones, along with Hildur Guðnadóttir.