Our Exclusive Chat with Fly By Midnight

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Fly By Midnight is a duo hailing from New York City, comprised of Justin (songwriter) and Slavo (producer/songwriter). Their latest single “LA Lonely” is available for pre-order HERE and we got the chance to talk to the guys on it all.

What is the story behind your single, “LA Lonely”?

Slavo – We both moved from NYC to LA this past January which was a big adjustment in our lives.

Justin – It was definitely a change that I think I rushed into a bit quick. Going out to bars and meeting new people before even unpacking the boxes in my room wasn’t the smoothest way to settle in to a new home.

Slavo – We were both balancing the excitement of moving across the country and the reality of leaving something that was so familiar.

Justin – The initial verse lines were written in my phone’s notes right after going on a date. I brought it to Slavo & our co-writer Zoe shortly after and from there we found ways to make this sort of isolation feel personal to each of us.

How are you guys combating loneliness during self-quarantine?

Justin – I think I’ve found some real solace in working on new music. I know a lot of writers are checking out a bit, but I’ve always been able to cope with situations by turning towards creating.

Slavo – Taking the dog for a walk around the neighborhood and some good ole Netflix keeps me at ease these days. I think it’s healthy to find ways to safely go outside for some fresh air.

How does LA compare to NYC?

Slavo – In terms of music there are so many creative and talented people in LA so it’s inspiring in that way more than NYC, but the cliche’s of NY having the best pizza and bagels are all very true so I do miss that.

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When was that eureka moment when you realized music was your calling?

Justin – In high school I remember getting a YouTube check in the mail and thinking .. “man this pays more than my pool boy job and I enjoy it”. Never looked back since.

Slavo – I was playing college football and doing music on the side. One day I realized I was more passionate about music and decided to move from FL to NY to pursue it.

How do you manage to stay friends and bandmates?

Justin – I really think it comes down to being more like brothers than friends. We fight, laugh our asses off, write music, and then do it all over again.

Slavo – We have a strong mutual respect for one another, not only in our craft, but also just as people. Plus usually a cup of coffee solves any argument usually.

Justin – Usually.

What was your experience like playing Firefly and Panorama festival?

Slavo – Crazy hot out & high energy.

Justin – A connection with our fans like no other.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?

Justin – I’d love listeners to connect to our stories. Relate their adventures to ours.

Slavo – I also think past the concepts, we just really enjoy creating a certain energy in our music and want listeners to feel the same highs and lows that we do.

What are some tv shows, movies, podcasts etc. we need to listen to right now?

Slavo – TV shows: McMillions, Money Heist, and Little Fires Everywhere. Movies: Instant Family and Parasite. I’m not really a podcast guy, but I’ve heard Joe Rogans is pretty good.

Justin – I think I’ve watched Sing Street 10 times. Such a nostalgic movie that reminds me of high school.