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Opry April 22nd Performance: Chris Janson, Nashville Cast, and More!

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I’ve been to Nashville four times. Each time I went gazing at the Opry thinking about every artist that I admire performing on that legendary stage. Last year I was able to do press at the Opry for a show, I was so humbled. This time I was able to be a fan and enjoy a concert full of amazing talent. The lineup was Chris Janson, Nashville cast members Chris Camrack, Jonathan Jackson, Sam Palladio, and Charles Esten.

Chris Janson opened up the night with such powerful energy I can honestly say I’ve never seen in an artist before. He had SUCH passion performing. I was completely taken aback by his unearthly harmonica abilities. Everyone in the audience was cheering along for him. It was so refreshing to see an artist so talented and so humble thanking everyone multiple times.

Chris Carmack hit the stage next performing the Nashville hit What If I Was Willing. He brought out cast mate Sam Palladio on stage to do background  harmonies.He got to perform an original song for the first time on the Opry stage and had the smile and excitement of a kid in a candy store.


Sam Palladio was the biggest surprise, his voice sounds better than on television! He has a unique smooth tone, which I attribute to his accent coming from London, England. Wake Me Up In Nashville seemed to be the crowd favorite I was even singing and swaying along. If that wasn’t enough Sam played guitar, harmonica, and drums (during Chet’s set) a jack of all trades indeed.

Jonathan Jackson pulled out his guitar and piano for his three song set.  He has more of a harder country rock sound.  I can’t tell you how wild everyone went when he was announced as “Lucky” from General Hospital and “Avery” from Nashville.

Chares Esten had the crowd going the entire time.  Bringing the cast on stage including special guest Chaley Rose the five serenaded the entire venue of excited fans.  Hearing their harmonies and voices live made me appreciate them as musicians as well as actors. Charles gave such a heart warming speech at the end of his set inspiring everyone, before performing It’s All Good.

I physically can not wait until the Nashville tour hits the road! Make sure you buy a ticket if you’re lucky and grab one before they sell out.  It is surely worth your time to see this cast bring an exquisite show full of beautiful music.

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