Listen & Lyrics: ‘One Life’ By James Bay

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James Bay is back with the follow-up single, “One Life,” off of his forthcoming record.

On May 13, the singer-songwriter announced his third full-length studio album, Leap. The record is set to release on July 8 via Mercury Records. Along with the big announcement, he released the lyric video for the second track.

James Bay co-wrote the song alongside Stephen Wrabel and Steve Robson. Despite Bay keeping his personal life private, he opened up to fans about the inspiration behind the tune.

Watch the official “One Life” lyric video, below.

James Bay penned a letter to fans alongside an Instagram video, where he detailed his relationship and how it influenced this song.

“I’ve never been great at sharing my private life on here. I’m ok with that,” he began. “But I’m learning that sometimes it’s ok if the lines blur. All that said, music-making (and listening) is such a personal experience. And you guys are amazing at sharing your experience of that with me.”

Additionally, Bay counts his partner Lucy as the “most precious and private part of my life.”

“I didn’t know if I’d be able to sum it all up in one song,” he admitted. “I’m still not sure I ever will, but this one feels like it got close. It’s about the realisation that for all the somethings I chase after, it’s actually just a someone that I really need. Lucy has been next to me every step of the way, I feel extremely lucky that I get to say that. I hope this song can mean a lot to you too.”

‘One Life’ Lyrics By James Bay:

All I wanna be 

Is with you 

In your arms 

In our room

Living small

In a big house 

I’ve been having dreams

Have you had them too?

I see me and you

By the door 

Rushing in 

From the rain

At the back of the garden

Do you see that too?

Forever ain’t forever if we’re not together

I don’t wanna put a load of pressure on you

I just wanna tell you I just wanna tell you

Without you I don’t know what I’d do.

I’ve got only one life 

And I want you in it

Oh oh 

Tell me that you’ll never let me go.

Or bury my body,

Send it down the river 

Oh oh 

I could never do it on my own. 

Sometimes I get sad

At the front  / At the back

In the middle of the / Happiest moments / Cause good things can go bad  / Easily.  

So I don’t wanna slow down 

Wanna jump  / wanna fly  / wanna fall

I wanna hit the ground running 

Do you wanna marry me?

I only got one life…

No a life ain’t a life ain’t a life ain’t a life  / Without you / No a life ain’t a life ain’t a life ain’t a life  / Alone.

We only get one try / I don’t wanna miss it 

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