New Video from La Sera!

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LA Rock’n’rollers, La Sera, have just released the music video for their new song High Notes today on Polyvinyl Records.  This music video is set up like an old western TV show that you (or your parents) would watch on the floor with your cowboy hat and plastic pistol.  The video starts off with the band playing a televised performance of High Notes, then things get weird.  There’s a gorilla man fighting a non-sparkle vampire, a robot alien laser gun enthusiast who zaps an audience member, and I think a sheep dog killing another audience member with a pitchfork?!

In the end, all the Scooby-Doo like monsters leave front-woman Katy Goodman to finish up the song while everything is destroyed around her.  The surprise about Katy is at the end, we’ll let you discover that for yourself.

La Sera will be coming out with a new album this spring titled Music for Listening to Music To, along with doing a short tour in May. This album has been produced by artist Ryan Adams, who had just released a cover album of Taylor Swift songs this past year that was highly successful. We can’t wait to hear the new album!