NEW Bastille remixes featuring The Wombats and Imagine Dragons

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So it’s not out of the question for Bastille to remix songs by other artists – their most recent album, “VS., Other Peoples’ Heartache Part III” is a perfect example of that.
The trend has continued, this time with The Wombats “Greek Tragedy” and Imagine Dragons “I Bet My Life”.


Their remix of The Wombats I think it’s pretty stellar, but I also don’t know the original song so have nothing to base it off of. Also, supposedly (according to @bastilledan on Twitter) it sounds like Batman? Do you guys hear it? I’m less in love with the I Bet My Life remix, but at the same time I fully support the combination of Bastille and Imagine Dragons, that’s like my hipster alter-ego’s dream. What do you think?